Nico Rosberg wife

Nico Rosberg’s wife is Vivian Sibold, now Vivian Rosberg. She is 30 years old, born in Hamburg (Germany), and she works designing home interiors. Nico and Vivian got married in 2014 in Monaco and have a daughter called Alaia.

Vivian is now an entrepeneur, she opened an ice cream shop in Ibiza called Vivi’s Creamery. Nico has helped in promoting the business.


Nico Rosberg and Vivian Sibold

Nico Rosberg an Vivian Sibold met each other when they were kids, because their mothers worked together in the fashion industry. They began to go out together during the holidays in 2003, when they met in Ibiza.

Nico Rosberg and Vivian Sibold engaged

Their long-term relationship arrived to an engagement.

The wedding

They got married in Monaco in July 11th 2014.


Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has recently signed to be a Mercedes AMG Petronas driver until 2018.

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