Fernando Alonso and Lara Alvarez break their relationship

Fernando Alonso and Lara Alvarez have broken their relationship, according to forward the supplement La Otra Chronicle. In fact , they are no longer together since February, when the engagement was already so deteriorated that Alvarez even didn’t visited the pilot in the first tests of the year that made McLaren at the Circuit de Catalunya ( Barcelona).




The break became effective at the end of the month. Two weeks ago, the reporter posted a photo to Instagram that could refer to those hard times, accompanied by the message “Storms make trees throw stronger roots .. ” .


Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna spend their holidays in Barbados

Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna

The holidays between Hungary and Belgium Grand Prix left some time for Lewis Hamilton to travel to Barbados and spend some time with his rumored new girlfriend Rihanna.

They spent some time together in a boat and also went tot he island carnival, where they jumped to a truck and danced between the crowds.



With a semi-naked outfit, Rihanna danced with some of her friends leaving Lewis Hamilton behind. The British driver also was topless and danced a lot.


Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna


Is Lewis Hamilton dating Rihanna?


The UK Daily Mail has covered this week some rumors around Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna in various consecutive “secret dates”. The Mercedes AMG drivers keeps getting more flashes from the media about his romances after the split with seven years girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis was first of all rumoured to be dating the model Gigi Hadid, who was in Monaco Grand Prix with some friends visiting Lewis in the boxes. Afterwards, it was 19 years old Kendal Jenner who was in the spotlight with the 30 years old British.

And this week is Rihanna. The Barbados singer is single right now, although she has been spending some nights out with Real Madrid’s player Karin Benzema.

The friendship of Rihanna and Lewis comes from some years ago, buy their tight agenda and both relationships have stopped the duo to go a bit further.

But it looks that Lewis and Riri have been able to spend some time together in the same part of the world. Rihanna is currently recording her 8th studio album in Los Angeles, but spent the weekeng in New York with Lewis having dinner and partying after in the 10AK Club.




Lara Alvarez with Fernando Alonso in Hungaroring


Last weekend, Lara Alvarez was with Fernando Alonso during the Hungary Grand Prix in Budapest.


The Spanish journalist, who is now having her holidays after her work in Honduras hosting the reality TV “Supervivientes”, is now spending time with boyfriend Fernando Alonso before the 3 week break of the F1 season.


It was a good weekend as Fernando got good points from his fith place in the Grand Prix.


They spent some time in Budapest visiting some of the touristic places of the city. In the pic some fans make a photo with the McLaren Honda driver.