Minttu Virtanen back to exercising after the holidays

Kimi Raikkonen girlfriend Minttu Virtanen has bloged today about coming back to the normal routine after the holidays.


In her blog post, she speaks about the feeling that she gets when goes for a run, the mix of adrenaline and good feelings of running in the sunny weather and with good music.


She also gest motivation from wearing new training clothes. She now usually wears Adidas, one of her favourite brands, and she usually wear training clothes all week, to be more comfortable.



Minttu Virtanen with Kimi Raikkonen in Spa

Minttu Virtanen is with Kimi Raikkonen during this Grand Prix weekend at the Belgium cirtuit of Spa-Francorchamps.

She has posted some pictures with her outfit for today in her blog.

Minttu Virtanen


Although today there is good weather, Minttu is wearing black high boots in a all black style.

Minttu Virtanen


The international TV signal has focused on Minttu inside the Ferrari box while Kimi Raikkonen was having problems with their car, being unable to get into Q3.

Minttu Virtanen